A Range of Emotion

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of shooting with Marisa, a singer/actor who is about to launch into the wide world and chase her dream of singing on Broadway! While chatting with her during our shoot, Marisa told us her parents had given her an amazing graduation gift: a year to pursue her goals and make her name shine – just like she does.

Marisa has a fantastic, infectious personality, which just bubbles over (we know she’s going to do wonderfully)! She is such a cutie… but, as an actor, we knew Marisa needed to show a range of personality (just not the cuteness) and that she would mature within the next year. So our goal for this shoot was to challenge Marisa not to just rely on the “cute.” But we wanted to give Marisa a variety of shots where she could show her versatility to play either older or younger roles. It’s easy for all of us to rely on what is safe – it takes a really brave person to go outside of that “safe zone,” take a risk, and see where they end up. Marisa is definitely a brave woman!

Marisa, we are so blessed to have gotten to shoot with you and hope you “break a leg” this next year!