All Creatures Great & Small

“What the heck is a deconstructed fox?” Both my model and makeup artist had the same reaction to this concept I threw at them recently. So, I’ll tell you. It’s taking a the idea of a fox and using it for inspiration. Sometimes I think we, as artists, put too much pressure on ourselves to “be inspired.” I know I’ve run around checking out Pinterest to find “inspiration” and end up being disappointed in my shots, because they end up being a replica of someone else’s inspiration.

When we do that, we are give up on our biggest assets – ourselves. We are each made uniquely and are not a carbon copy of anyone else. Why then do we strive so hard to do a shoot “just like” so-and-so, when our perspective on the world is solely ours? Let’s strive to be brave; break down that wall that we have; and show the world how we see it. Let’s celebrate the beauty of it in our own way – and, if someone else comes along that took our work and was inspired by it (and maybe even did it a little better), let’s celebrate that perspective, too! So, for this photo shoot, I went simple and back to one of my favorite childhood hymns:

“All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small; all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.” – Cecil F. Alexander

I love that there is such a great big world out there and our Creator takes care of all of it, from the great big blue whales, to humans, to little bitty foxes, to even tinier bugs! I wanted to celebrate that concept by taking inspiration from the fox (the bright reds, the big ears, the kohl-rimmed eyes, the white socks) and deconstructing it. A big thanks to Cailen (the lovely model) and Jordyn (the talented makeup artist) for helping me with this shoot! We had a great time – and hope you enjoy!

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