Creating Time Capsules

When was growing up and Mother’s Day was around the corner, I would ask my mom what she wanted and her response was always the same…and always confused me.  She never wanted jewelry or a new handbag or perfume (the “go-to” Mother’s Day gifts in my mind). She always said with a hint of sentiment in her voice, “Just make me a nice card or write me a letter.” I remember being sooooo confused as to why my mom wanted a letter from me, when there was a world of presents just waiting to be bought! Now, as an adult, I understand she was looking to capture a moment in time – a moment of my childhood in time.

When I photograph families, I keep this story at the forefront of my mind.  I love when the families come together to create the perfect photograph: everyone looking at the camera, smiling, and posed.



These always make great Christmas cards and pictures above the mantle.

But my absolute favorite is to capture that moment in time when it’s not all perfect and when it’s not all posed – and it’s all real! Those are the moments where a time capsule is made.  Those are the photos we return to over and over, remembering the moment and laughter…and warming our hearts.

Here are some shots of a Mother’s Day shoot I did where my favorites were these time capsule memories.  Enjoy!