Creating Timeless Photos

Remember about 10 years ago, when Photoshop was (relatively) new and high editing photos was all the rage? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking editing photos – in fact, some of my favorite pictures are edited and I love the vibe those photographers bring to their creations. But remember how there was a trend to make everything black and white except for one element?


I have to laugh when I see this shot of mine from back then. For me, it feels like trying to make my clothes from high school chic again (and let’s face it – overalls just need to stay in the past…don’t get me started).

Or those avocado green stoves…

or shag carpet…

or puffy sleeves and hat veils…you get my drift (haha! No pun intended).

It definitely puts you in an era, which is why I really strive to make shots that are classic and timeless.

While we all have those pictures that our children will eventually laugh at us for (“Mom/Dad, you really thought that was cool?!”), you don’t want your wedding pictures to be one of them.

I hope you enjoy!


Bridal Pre-Wedding



Bride & Groom Editorial Shots