Does Candid Wedding Photography Work?

Who doesn’t love a wedding? The dress, the romance, the joy, the dancing – the pictures! Oh, how we all love to look at back at those pictures and remember those intimate moments.  A photographer’s job at the wedding is, obviously, to capture the couple’s first moments of wedded bliss.  But, does that necessarily mean that these pictures need to be posed?  In the world of wedding photography, does candid photography have a place? This past Saturday, on May 17, we had the honor of photographing Lorah and Galen’s wedding – and, for the most part, we took mostly candid shots in an attempt to show you that candid wedding photography can work! One of the easiest places to capture candid moments at a wedding is the reception.   005

Another easy place to take candid shots is while the bride is getting ready.  Take a look at some of the shots we got of Lorah getting ready for her big day. 002

“Okay,” you may say, “but that’s the reception and getting ready.  That’s easy!  The couple is relaxed, the ceremony hasn’t started/is over, and personalities can come out.” I hear you!  That’s one of the reasons everyone loves the reception.  It’s time to have some fun!  But fun is not necessarily a precursor for candid photography.  Let’s take a look at Lorah and Galen’s ceremony (usually the most serious part of the wedding).


These ceremony shots are all candids! They capture the couple’s personality and the intimacy of the couple. We strive to capture those moments that everyone Instagramming your wedding won’t be able to capture. Everyone will try to take a picture of your first kiss, but not everyone will be able to get that last glance between the father of the bride and his daughter before he gives her away.

Another one of our favorite moments to grab candids is right after the ceremony.  Everyone is giddy, rushing to hug the couple and spread the love to the world. Usually, the world seems to swirl around the bride and groom like roaring rapids while they stay unmoved, like a rock. While Lorah and Galen greeted guests and posed for some pictures for the wonderful and talented Hannah Belvedere Photography, we were able to grab some fun and private moments while everyone was getting set up for those shots. 003

Finally, Lorah and Galen sneaked away for some alone time prior to the reception. While these appear to be posed, they were not.  Lorah and Galen just seemed to be so thankful to have been given each other and to finally be married that these moments just happened.  No coaching necessary!


So, my conclusion is: YES!  Candid photography absolutely has a place in wedding photography. There is a certain amount of trust that goes into having a candid photographer take your shots but, once those types of shoots begin, you generally forget you are being photographed. And, let’s face it. The last thing you want to think about on your wedding day is your photography.

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2 thoughts on “Does Candid Wedding Photography Work?

  1. I love candid / photojournalistic photography! Looking at all of my wedding pictures, I’m so much more drawn to the candid photos that capture a moment in time. Going though a series of posed photos evokes more of an “oh, we look good in that one” feeling rather than a sentimental “aww, I remember that moment!”
    Plus, it’s one of the most important days of your life! Instead of spending time doing posed shots, you should just enjoy every minute of it and have lots of great candids to show for it!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! One of the main purposes of photography is to capture a moment. But let’s capture those real moments. Not to say that the posed pictures aren’t lovely and beautifully done. They just aren’t capturing that true, authentic, raw moment…which is what we strive for in our photographs. Hope you enjoyed the shots! And congrats on your own wedding!