Hawa’ii Adventure (Part 1)

I think it’s a universal truth well-acknowledged that it’s always so hard to come back from vacation. A few weeks back, I went with a dear friend to the island of Hawa’ii – in case you didn’t catch that from the explosion of posts on my Instagram (follow me!). Yes, there’s an actual island called Hawa’ii in the State of Hawa’ii . . . a.k.a. “The Big Island.” Little American geography lesson for you there.

Anyway, I think it’s because we moved around so much when I was a kid, but my style of travel is to go around and try to live like the locals, eat like the locals, etc.  What better way to do that then start off asking our shuttle driver where we should go and what we should do.  BTW, if you’re ever in Kona and need a ride to your hotel/vacation house, contact Roberts Hawaii for a shuttle and see if you can get Henry as your driver.  He used to be a concierge and knows some of the best places on the island!

Anyway, so our first days were spent exploring the island, finding little gems in Kona Town, and basically trying to hit every spot Henry recommended to us.  What struck me about this island was the diversity of the climate! You literally saw a line where the rain forest would separate itself from the volcanic rock, which would further separate itself from the dry, desert climate!  What an amazing world we live in!  Anyway, here are a few of the many shots I took before Hurricane Iselle showed up (and a big shout out to Patty for her patience with a photographer on vacation).  Hope you enjoy .