It’s Not a Skirt – It’s a Kilt!

telling a story with storyboards

I’ve always loved how each photograph tells a particular story. But there are sometimes when a multiple images create a stronger story than just a single image. That happened to be the case with Eli’s senior portrait session.

When you have a senior who tells you he has a full highland dress outfit for his senior portrait session, you know you have to find an amazing location to match the outfit. Not just any old location will do. Thankfully, being near Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, there are plenty of historical locations to choose from (and thanks to Sherman’s March, most of them are epically in ruins). Eli had his hand-woven highland dress outfit ordered custom made from Scotland with his family tartan, woven by a handsome rugged, ginger man (or so I imagine anyway). Eli was able to borrow a broad sword from a former classmate and we were off to the Old Sheldon Church ruins in Yemassee, South Carolina – after a stop in Savannah for a diving farm to table burger experience at Green Truck to make sure the kilt didn’t fall off.


Once I started reviewing the images from Eli’s senior portrait session, it became clear there were some storyboard moments here between Eli and his mother. They clearly have a very special relationship, and I wanted to put together storyboards in order to really tell that story.


I love the spontaneity of this series of images! After making sure his kilt was on correctly, Eli’s mom just couldn’t help sticking bunny ears behind his head. And Eli’s response is just on point (and so typical teenager, no?).

Once the ice was broken (not that Eli needed much encouragement), there was another story to tell.


And this isn’t just something that should be done for blogging. When we had our reveal night, I presented them with the storyboards and explained how they could order a storyboard to hang in their home – which is precisely what ended up happening. Sometimes, the whole is stronger than the individual pieces.

But there were also so many great individual moments and memories to choose from – and shenanigans were aplenty. Congratulations, Eli and the rest of the Class of 2017!