Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Models-Oh My!

It’s always a little scary and unnerving to step out of your comfort zone . . . whether it’s in your professional or personal life.  But the result is usually worth it.  So, this past weekend, your favorite candid photographer stepped out of her comfort zone and into . . . a highly stylized fashion shoot!  Dun, dun, DUUUUUNNNN! Makeup artists; hairstylists, models . . . OH MY!

I was nervous, sure. I spent the week before prepping into the wee hours and I was praying this would be a good experience . . . and not a total flop like I feared. Thankfully, a friendly fellow photographer came to encourage me.  “Those candid photography skills are very useful in editorial shoots,” he told me.

I was surprised.  “Really?!”

“Oh, yeah! A candid photographer has the ability to understand when a special moment is about to happen.  It’s a skilled honed over time, and on fashion shoots, that becomes highly useful.”  He went on to tell me that some of the best fashion pictures he’s taken are while the model is trying to get into a particular pose . . . while she’s still relaxed and has an intention with what she’s doing.  This man gave me the boost to step forward into the unknown and to capture those moments between the moments.

So, I took a deep breath, stepped into the wild unknown, and shot to my heart’s content. I hope you enjoy!









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