Making Dreams Come True

Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

So many people dream of a life they want and never take any steps to live that life. A big part of the reason that never happens is fear:  fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of disappointment.

I can relate – trust me.  There have been so many lives I wanted to lead:  English teacher, novelist, lawyer, opera singer, artist, graphic designer, photographer . . . the list just goes on and on.  My life has led me down many avenues, some of which were dead ends and some of which I decided were not the right road for me for a variety of reasons.  Some are just dreams that I will always hold in my heart (like the artist . . . let’s face it . . . that was never going to happen). Some of those dreams I never pursue because I was just flat out lazy; others because I was too scared.

One of the things I’m learning on my most recent avenue is that paralyzing fear dissipates as the first steps are taken toward a dreamed of life.  But it’s the first step that’s the killer. After that, things are still unsure but not as scary. Oh, sure, things are still going to come up that makes you feel like your heart has dropped to the soles of your feet, but it’s never as scary as that first step.  It’s sort of like going back to the gym for the first time after a long absence (yes, admit it. You know that feeling). You put it off because you think, “Well, it’s been this long.  What’s one more day?” But really, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, we’re really thinking, “Well, it’s been this long. I’m going to be in soooo much pain!”

But just do it!  Take that step.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Jenny Lives the Dream

One of the most driven and fearless people I’ve come across lately is Jenny, an opera singer here in Southern California. She never once seems to doubt that she will become what she dreams of (even though I’m sure she struggles and is human like the rest of all).  Jenny has the ability to realize that all the small steps she has taken in the past and the steps she is currently taking will lead her to her goal.  We are honored to have been a small part of her living her dream but updating her headshots for castings.

Our mission applies to headshots, too: capture that unedited beauty! Directors and producers want to see what you really look like, too, because that’s what the audience is going to see.  It’s not helpful for them to see your lovely, highly Photoshopped headshot, but not be able to recognize you in person! The good news is you don’t need to be edited for headshots. Just be yourself and let your personality shine!

So take that step out into the unknown and follow your dreams! And if we can help you achieve your goals in some small way, we would be happy to do that.