On Location with the Viking Queen

Okay, so you may have seen one of my Instagram posts scouting an abandoned building in Statesboro. Well…so here’s the thing. While the location was prime for a great shot, there was a slight problem with structural integrity (slight meaning the roof was caving in and the floor boards were rotted to the core). My heart sank a little…okay, a lot. That location would have been FANTASTIC. But, my model niece and I were not swayed. We decided to do a test run for a Viking Queen inspired shoot.

I love the idea of the Viking Queen. She’s a strong mama-jama, who knows who to fight for what right but comes home to take care of something as seemingly insignificant as flora and fauna.

[UPDATE: I don’t think I was super clear on this part, so I’m revising this to explain things a little more.

For a good chunk of my life, I felt inadequate as a Christian woman. The perception was that Christian women are quiet, gentle, meek, feminine – and as a tomboy, I totally did not fit that mold. I am loud (although I have my quiet moments), boistrous, and vivacious. So it was easy for me to compare myself to that typical mold and feel “not enough.” It was not until recently, while teaching a Bible study to some lovely young ladies, that it was made clear to me that I, as an image bearer of my Creator, did not have to be the typical mold. God created me to be those things, yes, and I think growing and maturing has allowed me to express those parts of myself better. But, He also made me to be a defender, a shield, a fighter. How many mothers throw themselves in harm’s way to protect their children or those they love? This was what I was trying to capture with this shoot. That a woman is soft and gentle (especially compared to a man), but that she was also created with a godly strength and zeal to defend what she loves. So this shoot was meant to show that progression – it is not meant to be looked at as individual shots, but as a whole, capturing so many facets of what it means to be a godly woman.]

So, this is just a test run…I’m still waiting for that perfect location (and about $1 million to set up the shoot like it looks in my head) but until then…enjoy my peeps!