Relax and Say Cheese – Putting Your Subjects at Ease

My last shoot, I did a fashion type shoot with super artistic people who were willing to unabashedly put their art in front of the whole world (check it out here). But not every subject you encounter will feel super comfortable in front of a camera lens. Just after Christmas, I drove over to the … More Relax and Say Cheese – Putting Your Subjects at Ease

Baby Steps

One of the things I love about photography is that multiple people can shoot the same thing and end up with very different type of shots. Every photographer’s perspective shines though in the picture products, no matter how hard they try to emulate a specific look. I find the challenge with today’s baby shoots is … More Baby Steps

A Range of Emotion

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of shooting with Marisa, a singer/actor who is about to launch into the wide world and chase her dream of singing on Broadway! While chatting with her during our shoot, Marisa told us her parents had given her an amazing graduation gift: a year to pursue her goals … More A Range of Emotion