Relax and Say Cheese – Putting Your Subjects at Ease

My last shoot, I did a fashion type shoot with super artistic people who were willing to unabashedly put their art in front of the whole world (check it out here). But not every subject you encounter will feel super comfortable in front of a camera lens. Just after Christmas, I drove over to the Fullerton Arboretum and met up with Bethany, a sweet and lovely lady, who has an introvert’s soul. As an introvert myself, I can fully understand the desire to not be the center of attention. However, for senior pictures, that poses a bit of a problem (no pun intended). So for Bethany’s senior photo shoot, I got to use one of my favorite tools as a photographer – the ability to put your subject at ease.

One of my favorite tools as a photographer is putting my subject at ease.

I’ve known Bethany for almost her whole life, so this was a great time for us just to chat and just enjoy being with each other. I asked about her plans for after high school and volleyball stories, often taking my camera lens down and genuinely listening to her. But my favorite part of the whole shoot was sitting beside a stream, listening to her play her guitar and sing, fully expressing herself without reserve! I feel so honored to have been a part of that moment and to capture her sweet passion. The result was that Bethany became comfortable in front of the lens and trusted me as her photographer, which allowed me to be able to capture her more naturally and relaxed – something you always want to aim for when photographing people.

I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things she does as she transitions from being a kid to being a *GASP* grown up! I had a great time shooting with you, Bethany! And thanks for exploring the Fullerton Arboretum with me!

-Nicoline Photographs