Savannah Scottish Highland Games

There is a time for every season, and right now Georgia weather is beautiful.  Not too hot where you feel as if breathing causes you to burn 500 calories, and there’s a light breeze blowing to stop you from feeling overheated.  In short, it was perfect weather to heading over to Savannah with a dear friend and watch burly, kilted men throw heavy objects far and high…oh, and there was some traditional dancing, too the Savannah Scottish Highland Games.

I had such a great time seeing people in traditional garb – from the coolest Scotsman you aspire to be, to the littlest wee bairn with a kilt on over her onesie. Even though I spent most of the day behind the camera lens, I was pried away by the temptation of a delicious Gaelic ale and some haggis and grits – yep, you read that right (this is the South, after all!  Besides, doesn’t grits go with just about anything?).  I have to admit, my usually adventurous pallet balked a bit at the idea of haggis (despite my McFarland clan heritage somewhere back on my great-grandfather’s side), so my first spoonful was mostly grits and a wee bit o’ haggis…but I have to admit…I ate the whole thing.

When we left at the end of the day, it felt a bit jarring – those few hours meandering the grounds were enough to draw me into another world.  It’s a world of family, tradition, and connection – and I am so honored to have been a small part of it.  Hope you enjoy!