Save Yourself From Stressful Formal Family Portrait Sessions

Every parent I’ve ever come into contact with wants images of their precious little ones. Their sweet, smiling faces that change so quickly into teenagers and then adults. These moments in time are so fleeting and, therefore, so precious. No wonder we have cell phones full of these kiddos, showing them off as readily as people used to show off the pictures in their wallets (yes, there was a time when people kept their loved ones in their wallets – oof! Now I feel old!).

But having a formal family portrait session may be a little too much for certain families, especially families with small children. First, there’s the style of the session and deciding how everyone should coordinate with little Evan insisting he needs to wear his rubber boats. Then it’s driving to and setting up at the location, with Abby piping up that she needs to go to the bathroom after everyone is lined up (despite insisting 3 minutes ago she didn’t need to go). Once everyone is there, you have the added burden of Sam’s upcoming nap or the fact Sam didn’t get a nap and is beyond consoling. A professional photographer will be able to work with your entire family and still be able to provide you with stunning images.


there may be an easier way (and don’t we all just love when someone makes our lives a little easier?)!

Have you thought about having a lifestyle portrait session in your home with a professional photographer? Having an in-home portrait session allows for those pressures of wardrobe and potty breaks to be removed and for the family to be at ease and relaxed, and authentically your family. I recently had the pleasure of doing a Mother’s Day lifestyle session, which was near and dear to my heart. My mom is such an influential person in my life; she has walked with me through the good and the bad. I know in my bones that no matter what happens, she will always be there for me. For me, I know as I have grown up I see all the ways my mother took and continues to take care of me with the delicate, guiding hand of a river. She gives me the freedom to move as I think I see fit, but her wisdom and insights help shape my course. When I was planning for Mother’s Day this year, I was listening to a recent Sprouting Photographer podcast about really being intentional with your message.

I realized all the things mothers are: encourager of dreams; comforter; chef; writer; interior decorator; nurse; shield; role model; fashion expert; personal assistant; example (just to name a few).

I met with Avery, and we decided the best way to capture all these things for her Mother’s Day session was to do a lifestyle portrait session with her and her three littles roosting at the nest. The pressure of being restrained and confined was removed for the kiddos and I was able to capture some genuine smiles in what currently brings them joy, like Lego’s and Oreo’s (honestly, how can you go wrong with Oreo’s?). But, the added bonus was we were able to capture those quiet, behind-the-scenes moments that make up the foundation of a relationship with your kids.

Is a lifestyle portrait session something you think would make your life easier? Contact us to book your own lifestyle portrait session in Statesboro, GA or Savannah, GA.